Should I Fake It?

Should I Fake It?

We all want to look our best at events. Fake tans aren’t for everyone and there is one main reason why people opt out of getting one before an event. They are worried they will look like an orange oompa loompa and ridiculous in photo’s! You do have options when it comes to fake tanning, so let go of that worry and look like you’ve just come back from a holiday at the Caribbean.

The first option is to see a professional who will apply the tan for you. Warning: you will need to strip down to your birthday suit or at the very least just be wearing your undies. It’s recommended that you do a test spray tan about a month before your event so you can determine if the colour is the right shade for you. NEVER get a spray tan the day of an event. Have your spray tan done 3 days before just in case you don’t like the colour, even if you have have run a test spray tan a month before.

Another option is to buy a slow tanning moisturiser that you apply daily. The pro of this technique is that you are in full control of your tan and that if you don’t like the shade/colour then you can easily switch to a different product! There is a con though, being that the process can take up to a month and that building the tan you want can be a slow process. Also, be careful not to apply too much tanner to problem areas such as elbows and knees where excess moisturiser can gather.

Bottom line is, If you’ve decided to fake tan it up for your next event, take all precautions. If you’re having it professionally done always a apply the 3 day rule and if you’re applying it yourself , be patient and watch out for the danger zones like elbows and knees.

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