Mother's Day Party Ideas

Mother's Day Party Ideas

If you want to really let your mum know how much she means to you then throw her a party in honour of being a brilliant mum! When it comes down to it, your mum probably just wants to spend time with you and Mother's Day parties are a fantastic way to show your mum exactly what she means to you. It doesn't have to be anything huge or fancy (it can be if you want!) and the effort you put into organising a special event with all the kids and family will light up your mum's heart. She will be surrounded by the people that love her the most and that she loves the most. Here are a few Mother's Day Party ideas to choose from:

Tea Party

Every mum loves a cuppa tea! For Mother's Day this year think about hosting a tea party for your Mum. You can make it as casual or as formal as you'd like and the fact there's a dress up element to it will add a dash of extra fun to the day. Pretty little biscuits, fine china crockery, floral table cloths ... sounds divine. The High Tea Company can provide you with a free quote for a Mother's Day Tea Party. 


This is a great party idea if you want to keep things casual and include the whole family. If you're working on a tight budget then a BBQ might also be a good option as you can ask your guests to bring a dish to contribute to the party. 

Hobby Party

Taking an interest in your mums favourite hobby may make her blush but will make her feel very special at the same time. By hosting a party that revolves around your mums main interests and what she enjoys the most, everyone's bound to have a good time. For example, if your mum likes painting then host a painting party or if your mum loves to cook then host a cooking lesson party. 

Intimate Dinner Party

Having a small, classy dinner at home is the perfect way to show mum how special she is. Have beautiful flowers on the table, beautifully catered food, sparkling silver cutlery and some quiet tunes playing in the background. Roll out the read carpet for her and make it a night to remember.

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