Kids party food made healthy

Kids party food made healthy

Having a kids party with healthy food doesn't have to mean carrot and celery sticks. All you need is a bit of imagination – kids love colour and visually appealing food, hence the good old fairy bread is such a hit!

Healthy Kids Party Food #1: Fruit kebabs

We love the green grape caterpillar! Any fruit on a stick goes down a treat.

Healthy Kids Party Food #2: Choc dipped strawberries

These are another great way to get kids eating some fruit. Strawberries are an excellent source of phyto-nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Use organic chocolate – the kids won’t know the difference and at least you will know it’s the healthiest version of this treat.

Healthy Kids Party Food #3: Healthy fairy bread

Wholemeal and natural sprinkles are the key. Children don’t usually turn fairy bread over to see the colour of the bread so if you cover the bread well in hundreds and thousands they will munch on it and not know the difference!

Healthy Kids Party Food #4: Fun shaped sandwiches

Think dinosaurs and stars … the shapes that kids love. Cookie cut outs are easy to buy at any home-ware store.

Healthy Kids Party Food #5: Organic chocolate crackles

Use organic rice puffs and cocoa. They will go down a treat with the the parents and kids.

Healthy Kids Party Food #6: Fruit jelly cupcakes

Use vegan jelly and put small chopped up pieces of fruit in the mixture. This will ensure that the kids are getting some nutrients.

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